La squale-Anglais – Cine Nomine
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THE SQUALE by Fabrice Genestal

Désirée, nicknamed “La Squale,” worships Souleymane, the father – and legendary gangster – that she never knew. Désirée is forever trying to seduce Toussaint, boss of a clan responsible for a gang-rape, whenever she crosses his path. But the rogue only has eyes for Yasmine, a quiet, shy girl shut in at home by her brothers. Nevertheless, by her determination, Désirée succeeds in winning him over. Vain glory, as it turns out, for Toussaint, impenitent rapist-on-the-run, abandons and betrays her. Beside herself, Désirée, uncovers the truth about her origins, and her world, until then ruled by macho laws, falls apart. In view of their mounting fear, the two girls band together and rebel, the better to manipulate the men one against the other and to finally restore calm.

With Esse Lawson, Tony Harrison, Khereddine Ennasri and Denis Lavant

Theatrical release : 29 novembre 2000 (UGC Distribution)