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SONG EXPRESS by Fabrice Maruca

Currently in post-production

Franck just had the most crazy and wonderful idea for a company that would finally get him and his friends proper jobs. As Uber delivers food, Amazon daily items, Song Express will deliver songs. To your friends, or your loved one, or yourself, anywhere you want. It is brilliant, it is foolish, it could work… For Franck, Jean-Claude, Sophie and José, Song Express becomes something more than just a professional challenge: it is the dream of a lifetime.

With Jérémy Lopez (from La Comédie-Française), Alice Pol, Artus, Clovis Cornillac and Chantal Neuwirth

Release date: 03/11/2021 (SND)

by Clovis Cornillac

When Pierre learns his parents are not his parents, he wants to find out who he is and where he comes from. Raised in the wilderness, Pierre has never been confronted to society and doesn’t know its rules yet.

He’s going to team up with Anne, who will help him in his search. They are going to meet a bunch of personalities, as funny as loving. But during its quest, Pierre will lose its colors… like a picture that fades…

With Clovis Cornillac and Alice Pol

Release date: 08/06/2022 (Orange Studio/UGC Distribution)